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  • De-Icing

  • Many of us have been there at some point in the past. You’re walking up to a store or walking up your steep driveway. Maybe your hands are full or maybe you’re being really careful. Either way, you step on a slick spot and lose your footing. Landing on your tailbone and wrist is just never pleasant. Especially on commercial properties, this can be a lawsuit waiting to happen. There are ways to prevent this from happening though!

    Starnes Outdoor Solutions offers salting and sanding services to de-ice your driveway, sidewalk, or parking lot. We promise to keep your paved areas clear from that dangerous and frustrating ice!

    Our professional, trained drivers put down the right amount of salt for your parking lot or driveway. Our sidewalk shoveling crews carry salt bags with them. After clearing the sidewalks with their man power, they disperse salt all over the sidewalk to prevent ice build up and melt any leftover snow.