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Fall Gardening – A Quieter Time In The Garden?

Fall gardening doesn’t have to be the quietest time in the gardeners calendar. This article outlines just some of the activities that you can be keeping busy with in your garden this fall. These include growing vegetable in the fall, planting your spring bulbs and maintaining your lawns.

In the fall as the nights draw in and the days become shorter many people think that a quiet and restful time for the gardener is approaching and that it’s almost time to put the garden tools away in the shed till spring. While this may be true for the lawn mower, there are many other garden tools whose services can still be required during the fall.

For the more serious gardener who wants to continue to grow as late in the season as possible or who wants to optimise his lawn and garden in preparation for next year. There is still much gardening that can be done, both in growing vegetables and preparing and planning your garden for next spring, until well into the fall.

With the constant possibility of early winter frosts many gardeners don’t even consider fall gardening. This is a pity as with the right planning, planting the most suitable plants and at the right time of year, the rewards can be well worth the extra work. As often, for example, vegetables, produced in the fall can be sweeter and tastier than those grown in the height of the summer. This can bring a refreshing new dimension to some of the same old varieties of garden vegetables.

It is important, however, to choose vegetables with a short growing season to give the best chance of harvesting before the more severe frosts do make an appearance. Vegetables that can be ideal to grow well into the fall include carrots, beet, lettuce, broccoli, turnips and radish. They should be planted while the ground is still warm and in a place where they are likely to get a minimum of six hours of sunshine.

Fall is also the best time to plant your spring bulbs, especially the hardy varieties such as crocuses, daffodils, tulips and irises and these will do well in either containers or beds. They will flower in the spring so you can look forward to their colourful displays as an early sign of the arrival of spring, which should be ample reward for your additional work and planning in the fall.

Looking after and maintaining your lawn is another task you can be busy with in the fall to enhance your chances of a luscious lawn next spring. It is an ideal time to concentrate on factors like aeration of the soil and clearing debris accumulated over the summer growing season. You should remove any twigs, stones and fallen leaves from your lawns as these can harbour disease and encourage pests. A leaf blower or garden vacuum will make this task much easier and you should, of course, keep all of the organic material for composting.

Aerating disrupts the soil surface by making holes in the earth. This can be done manually with a garden fork or a number of tools can be used to make the work easier, or if you have a larger area to deal with. This allows more oxygen into the soil and water will also gain easier access, rather than simply running off. Earthworms will thrive better in this environment as well as a number of other beneficial organisms. Fertilizers and other top dressing substances will be more effective after aeration and it makes re-seeding, if necessaryFind Article, more successful.

These are just a few of the tasks that can be keeping you busy in your garden during the fall. So if you want a beautiful garden in the spring it’s not quite time to lock away those garden tools just yet.

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Lawn Mower Safety Tips

Having a lawn mower is something that everyone thinks about at one point in time or another and they can come in very handy. This goes for any kind of lawn mower, whether it’s a push mower, riding mower, or even a lawn tractor to help maintain your yard.

The most important thing about having lawn equipment is using it safely so that you can do your work efficiently. Operating your lawn equipment safely is the key to having a great looking and well maintained yard that can be the envy of all your neighbours and even your family.

The first thing you should do when you bring your new lawn equipment home is read the manual that comes with it. This booklet will tell you all of the important things that you need to know to make sure your mower stays in top running condition. It will also inform you of all the safety devices that are on your mower so that you can run it the correct way. It will also tell you all about the maintenance that you will need to do to keep your mower running the right way, and that will save you money later on.

You should make sure to look over your mower before and after using it to be certain nothing is wrong with it. If you fail to check every aspect of your mower, you could end up having something break that can cause major damage or even bodily harm to you or others nearby. You should also make sure that all the fluids are full. This means that you will have to check your oil and gasoline to keep your mower running correctly. For larger riding mowers that use hydraulics, you will need to make sure the hydraulics reservoir is filled as well.

By following these few tips you will make sure that your lawn mower is in top running condition and you won’t have to worry about causing any damage. Of course, safety doesn’t just stop at your lawn mower, either. You should make sure that there is no debris in your yard as wellPsychology Articles, as this can damage your mower when it runs over it and throw it out to damage other things.

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Keeping Lawn Healthy for Kids Sake and Safety

Your children play in the lawn. You walk through it, loving the feel of the fresh green grass under your feet. The pets roll around, for whatever reason. If you do not think you need lawn pest control, just imagine what is crawling around in your lawn right now, under your feet. Generally, you would assume there are worms and maybe a colony of ants living there. In addition to this are numerous other pests, all of which could easily infest your home, especially if you do not take steps to stop them.

Both small and even microscopic sized critters are lurking throughout your lawn and flowerbeds. Their goal is to survive by finding a nice place inside your home. Your home is so welcoming! How do you ensure your home is off limits? Is Lawn Pest Control Necessary?

Lawn care pest control is necessary. Most of the pests that live in your home can live outside of it, especially if your lawn area is grassy and moist. Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and ants of all types easily are found in most lawns. Imagine your pet dog coming outside. As he is standing in the yard, fleas jump onto him. Since they can easily jump 16 inches, the dog has little chance of getting away. The dog brings the fleas into the home, where they multiple quickly, infesting your home. You do not know about it for days, weeks or even months.

How To Get Help

Lawn pest control is a big job but it is perhaps the best method of protecting your home long term from infestation. There are varieties of products on the market that can be helpful.

  • Granular pest control products are applied to the grass in the spring and fall months, when breeding is most common. This kills off any of the pests found in your lawn.
  • For large infestations you can see, try a contact topical spray. For example, if you find an ant colony, spray them with the contact spray. Note though that topical sprays only work if you know where the pests are.

Don’t Go It Alone

Lawn pest control is even more effective when a professional is doing the work for you. You will find products on the market that you can put into your lawn on your own. If you know there is a large infestation already in your lawn, though, you may want a professional company to help you to get rid of them. This process is simple and quite effective. The best method to keeping your lawn healthy is to use a lawn care pest control. It will help to protect your family, your pets and your home from large-scale infestations that could bring not only annoyances into your life but also illness carrying pests.

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The basics of choosing a lawn sprinkler: manual or automatic

As with many things these days, the choice of which lawn sprinkler type to choose can be boiled down to one that is basically whether to go for a manual lawn sprinkler or an automatic version. This article will take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of either type and some of the considerations that need to be borne in mind when choosing a sprinkler system for your lawn.

If you decide that a manual lawn sprinkler system is for you, you have to understand that you will have to spend quite a lot of time making sure that the sprinkler is turned on whenever it is needed. During the height of summer it may simply be a case of turning it on in the morning and turning it off in the evening, but at other times of the year you may have to turn the sprinkler system on and off several times during the day. If you have plenty of time on your hands this may not be a problem, but if you’re busy you need to think about this carefully.

The good thing about a manual system is that you can control the water flow very easily, which means you can give your lawn or flowers exactly the right amount of water, and you can also turn off the system in order to save water when you feel like it.

If you decide to go for an automatic system you will find that you do not need to spend any time at all in looking after the watering of your lawn, because the system will do it all for you. The great thing about an automatic lawn sprinkler system is that you can simply forget about your lawn maintenance for most of the time and the system will take care of it. Some systems actually come with sensors that can judge whether or not the lawn needs watering at a certain time.

The drawback with an automatic system is that you do not have as much control over water flow as with a manual systemFree Web Content, and if you really do want to keep control then you might want to think whether or not an automatic sprinkler system is for you.

Take time to look at the various sprinkler systems that are

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